The company, first established under the name Fir Rubinetterie, grew over time, diversifying production and offering new types of products, including mixer taps and shower heads for professional use and large facilities, bathroom accessories, mirrors, lighting and heated towel rails, aimed at accommodating the refined taste of those who wish to coordinate décor elements with mixer taps and shower heads from a design and aesthetic viewpoint.

With our taps and bathroom accessories, we want to offer solutions that are useful in meeting the needs of people furnishing their homes, and help interior design professionals in their projects for homes, villas, hotels, residential complexes wellbeing centres, boats, yachts and much more Creating what we love and know how do in the best possible way. It may seem obvious, but it is important for us to emphasize it.When we design and manufacture a tap, we take great care to ensure that the product is easy to use and of high aesthetic and functional quality. For this reason we seek to constantly improve the reliability of all the products and services we offer, striving to prevent and eliminate potential sources of defects.

We are committed to offering designer taps and bathroom accessories that are not only beautiful, but also reliable, functional, safe and environmentally friendly. For this reason, research and development, innovation, attention to detail, closeness to people and their needs and desires are the foundation of our corporate identity.