A young, dynamic, continually trained team, which researches the current market and meets its needs with technical and design solutions for ceramic tiles.

We are committed to producing a new generation of high value-added products created through research and use of the most advanced technology implemented by a highly qualified technical team. 14 years since it was set up, Argenta Cerámica is now one of the leaders in the Spanish ceramics industry. It designs and develops its own products and produces more than 30 million m2 in its broad product range each year.

Cicogres personalizes the desire of offering an avantgarde and personal product: Thanks to this approach, Cicogres has become nowadays one of the companies with more projection of the current scene.

The Cliper Cerâmica SA is a manufacturer of pavements in porcelain sandstone and flooring coatings, which began operating on 19 June 2007 when a group constituted by dealers from construction materials (EMACOR) decided to acquire a production plant in Figueira da Foz. Then arose the EMACOR II – Industrias SA.

Since its acquisition, the company began its foundation in order to assume and ensure a prestigious image in the market, providing high quality products, innovation and design, while ensuring a very high quality of services.