Since launching the business in 2014, Sanilux – a member of Sharaka Holdings- has been working in the competitive Trading of Sanitary Wares and Tiles sector in Qatar. Today Sanilux works with a range of clients, providing them with the highest quality of Sanitary Wares and Tiles to support their building needs.

about us
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Sanilux has a large proven Brands of different Categories.

We use the best Connections, in line with the leading industrial Suppliers in the world.



  • Meeting your project’s specifications, and advising you on alternative comparable items.
  • Preparing shop drawings, submittal, and samples for consultant approvals.
  • Providing you with the best possible price in the market.
  • Delivery of the products to your project location.
  • Providing manufacturer’s warranty for the individual project / and sold products.
  • After sales service on the sold products.