CEA initiated its activity in the field of high-quality design, bathroom taps and fittings in 2007 and was very soon acclaimed on account of its distinctly innovative style and forms. Characterised by a strong technological bias and an interest in ‘re-interpreting’ products or developing new forms of application, CEA has gained distinction in the world of bathroom fittings and décor as a company with a futuristic outlook and is now increasingly seen as an important point of reference within the sector. Past experience and a specialisation in the plumbing and heating sectors have helped CEA attain a widely recognized level of competence in terms of design and technological foresight.

Products resulting from the firm’s evolving know-how reflect all of the various typical ‘themes’ of contemporary architecture, ranging from those that focus on technical, installation or construction characteristics to original and sophisticated types of design, uses of aesthetically-pleasing alternative materials and consideration of the environment and natural resources.

The two founding partners of the company are a husband and wife team: Natalino Malasorti (product development) and Roberta Bertacco (company management).

CEA has its manufacturing plants located in the Bassano district of the Veneto region (N.E. Italy), which has gained a certain fame on account of its experience and capacity in the mechanical engineering sector. The firm’s operational headquarters are thus located in an area traditionally associated with high levels of industrial achievement and quality and where locally established synergies ensure highly effective results.