“When I founded the company, in the Sixties, I had some experience in the sector as I had been working as an artisan for some time. I had invented some special machines for processing hoses. I began producing accessories and later entered the mixer sector, together with my family.

Be it fittings for hand washbasin, shower, WC or urinal. Whether they be regulating angle valves, domestic appliance connection fittings or gas and heating installation fittings. Today, SCHELL supplies more than 2000 competent answers to the increased demands to our customers globally with regard to hygiene, saving water, reliability or robustness.

To ensure that there is quality inside where SCHELL is on the outside, our products and processes are continuously checked and are distinguished with the corresponding quality and safety features. An example of this is quality management at SCHELL, which is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The history of miscea GmbH dates back to 1999 when in Augsburg, two engineers shared a vision to develop an improved dispensing system for the medical market and food production industry.

They envisioned a system which would combine the functionalities of a faucet and at least one other liquid to enhance effi ciency and hygiene; an idea that would change the way people washed and sanitised their hands and see the beginning of miscea.