For more than 15 years Steinberg have been offering products out of the ordinary to better express your individuality. The Steinberg brand enables you to make a personal statement also in bathroom and spa, for they are part of the integrated living concept—a homage to your individual lifestyle. Uniform and ordinary designs make it hard to express your individual lifestyle, however, which is why we at Steinberg focus on our designs being individual, fresh and all other than conventional. This has been our basic principle from the very beginning—and still is.

No Steinberg product is ordinary, but as unique as their owner. We offer design to mirror your personal style, with a touch of timelessness in the contours: whether masculine or feminine, self-assured or discreet, puristic or sensual—always fine and upmarket. In combination with the high-grade materials Steinberg exclusively use and sophisticated functionality every design becomes an expressive, tangible personality.

Our products are to inspire you to express your personality also in the bathroom, freeing it from being just a utilitarian facility. Our designs, with all their individuality, are made to feature timeless contours, and also traditional elements have been considered in the drafts. This is what keeps Steinberg products up-to-date for long.