Fresh and modern, the Miro Europe brand was born in 2001 based on a twenty-year long experience in the taps and fittings sector which then evolved into a range of alternative and winning products for the bathroom accessory sector. Our winning strategy was to focus all energies on quality, so as to grow through innovation and constant update of our product range.

Today, Miro Europe is a company evolving on a constant basis and searching for the most functional products with a captivating design.

Our ambition is to exceed ourselves – each and every day. By looking for regular dialogue with our customers. By developing better products and service features. And by leading our company into the future without ever losing sight of appreciation of our heritage.

Born in 1970 as a craft enterprise producing taps, IDRAL SpA has over the years focused its production in sanitary fittings for communities and public places, becoming synonymous with technological innovation, excellent quality, as well as original Italian design.

IDRAL SpA translates in its products the need of low water consumption technologies, of hygiene required in public spaces and of accessibility for people with low mobility. Responding to the market and to its customer needs, IDRAL offers several product lines designed for different functional needs and employments.

Many of our products are registered.