Bellissimo came into fruition following the meeting between Italian experience, elegance and technology and the most evolved Indian values.

The mission of Bellissimo is to produce luxury ceramic tiles, the result of merger between Italian style, technology and know-how and the architectural needs of the Indian building industry.

We inherit the charm of Italian style: an aesthetic culture that has imposed its taste across the world, enhancing the most prestigious of living spaces.

We persist in ongoing research into materials, to constantly improve our technical and quality standards. Thanks to its numerous production sites and its in-house research centre equipped with advanced technology, Panariagroup maintains its position as one of the industry leaders across the world.

Panariagroup is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles for fl oors and wall cladding in the world. The group has production sites in Italy, Portugal, USA and has a presence in over one hundred countries thanks to a broad, established and widespread sales network.