OLI-Sistemas Sanitários, S.A. is much more than just a company. Tenacity and excellence. Honesty and credibility. Founded on traditional and family values. OLI has reached a high level of quality by analysing, growing, anticipating market needs and investing in innovation and development; parameters which make our brand, OLI, a certified brand that is recognized throughout the world. Our journey is depicted in the pages of this brochure. From the day we were founded — March 1, 1954 — until the present day, where, from Portugal, and with strong commercial representation in Europe, distribution in Spain and branches in Italy, Germany and Russia, we achieve a global reach. A path, full of hard work and dedication, that sets us apart and makes us proud. All in the pursuit of perfection.

On March 1st of 1954, OLI-Sistemas Sanitários, S.A. was founded in Aveiro as a small family business that along its path went through diferent areas of business. In the 80s OLI set up its first cistern production unit. During the following ten years, growth was sustained and grew exponentially, which led to the integration with the Italian2 Silmar Group in 1993. The group has about 2,600 employees and is present in four sectors of activity: heating; aluminium fusion; water conveyance and discharge; and Galvano plastic and thermoplastic products. OLI Italy was established in order to increase our presence in Italy and Europe. Throughout its history of 60 plus years, OLI has received many distinctions and awards. This demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our respect for the user of our products. We are one of the Portuguese companies with the most patents and are at the forefront of investment in Research, Development and Innovation.