Starting from the late ‘90s, thanks to the hard work and conviction of the entire corporate population, Emilgroup has established, implemented and maintained its integrated management system in accordance with the world’s most widely adopted standards.

The Emilceramica integrated management system is based on three key points:
MANAGEMENT COMMITMENT: defi nition of the Corporate Policy, setting of targets and objectives and assignment of appropriate human and material resources for their achievement.
MONITORING AND CONTROL: monitoring and recording of process data, environmental factors and accidental events to allow a fact-based decision making process.
CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT: effective use of the experience and skill of staff and due consideration of the suggestions of all those involved in Emilceramica’s operations for continual improvement.

(since 1997) EN ISO 9001:2015

(since 2011) EN ISO 14001:2015

(since 2014) BS OHSAS 18001:2007

(since 2016) CEI EN ISO 50001:2011