Stile Italia is a newly established Company that was born from an idea by an Italian manager together with the ceramic group, Ceramiche Colli, which is synonymous with design and quality, since 1968.

A synergism of professional skills and outstanding experiences.
Stile Italia was born as a new interior design project, which includes alternative aesthetic solutions, inspired by art, design, fashion and nature.
Stile Italia has chosen design, quality, creativity and innovation as its distinguishing features.

Stile Italia’s passion for design means always offering the latest news from the ceramic tiles industry and E’xtra is the first collection of high-performance extralarge premium quality sizes with exceptional technical features, a synthesis of innovation, technology and tradition of the made in ITALY.

Our mission is to overcome the limits of the material itself and create an high-quality product Our decorations are “tailor made” and unique, made with innovative technologies and our quality is the result of strategic partnerships with top Italian ceramic tiles manufacturers